Stretch Limousine Service

Many of you may not have ever been inside of a limousine. But for others it can be a memorable experience. The first time you ride in a limousine you will know exactly what I mean. A limousine, or limousine for short, is simply a fancy large luxury car usually driven by a chauffeur having a partition separating the rear passenger’s room from the driver’s room. Limousines can range from four door sedans to stretch Hummers with satellite radio, DVD player, kitchen, full size or mini kitchen, full size or pet beds.

Generally a limousine refers to any large luxurious sedan vehicle with a wheelbase of at least three hundred and fifty inches. Other limousine vehicles that fit into this category include stretch limos, coupes and stretch SUVs, however, these are not the only vehicles that can be considered a limousine. In fact, any large vehicle with a wheelbase over three hundred and fifty inches is considered a limousine. When speaking of a limousine it is generally considered to be any automobile with an extended wheelbase and a capacity of at least four passengers. Even though a Ford Mustang is the only vehicle in the world that fits into this category, the term “limousine” has come to describe any small luxury car that has a high level of prestige and comfort.

Typically, a limousine is used as a wedding limousine for the groom and his bride. They will arrive at the marriage ceremony in a limousine and will be escorted to the reception where they will be waited upon by their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Most often the bride and groom will be accompanied by their parents, although it is also not uncommon for a band to play before the limousine arrives at the party. It is quite common for the limousine to have a separate entrance as well as a number of lifts in case the need arises to accommodate a group of passengers.

Another use for a limousine is for a limo service. A limousine chauffeur will drive the passengers to the desired location, while the passengers themselves will sit in the automobile body of the vehicle. A limousine interior features padded seating and a full bar area along with television screens and audio systems. For the chauffeur’s convenience, the limousine also has a permanent top. The top is removable so that the driver may feel like they are driving on the top of the world.

Limousines are used for numerous other occasions as well, including bachelorette parties, proms, graduations, corporate events, private weddings and more. Because limos are generally a little more upscale than a standard car, they tend to cost a little bit more money. However, many people consider it an investment in their social life or lifestyle. Whenever you ride in a limousine you will notice that the luxury, class and comfort are unparalleled.

Finding a limousine service that will fit your budget can be difficult, but by doing some research online you should be able to find a local limousine company near your home. When you call the company make sure that you specify if you want a stretch limousine or an automobile body style limousine. The company will then give you a quote, and once you agree to it you can book your reservation over the phone.